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FIAMM Batteries

FIAMM Energy Technology is a multinational company engaged in the production and distribution of batteries and accumulators for motor vehicles and for industrial use born following the separation from FIAMM Group of the business of automotive batteries and industrial batteries with lead-acid technology.

To be closer to the needs of customers FIAMM Energy Technology has about 20 commercial and technical branches (in Italy, Germany, UK, Slovakia, France, USA, Spain, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, China and Australia to name a few) and a wide network of importers and distributors and operates with a staff of one thousand employees.
Exclusive Distributorship in Kazakhstan
Priority Services Supply Company (PSSC) is an exclusive distributor of FIAMM Batteries in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
FIAMM Batteries
FIAMM Reserve Power Solutions is an internationally recognised leader in the development and supply of a wide range of industrial batteries and energy storage systems. We design and manufacture backup power solutions to guarantee the continuity of the energy supply to the critical applications when the main power is cut off. We are proud to supply many of the world’s leading companies for telecommunications, data centres, railways, power plants, petrochemical plants and energy storage from renewable sources.
FIAMM Batteries

With a pioneering spirit capable of exploring areas yet unknown, we develop innovative solutions that cross the boundaries of chemistry and energy storage. We create wonders, that exceed the expectations of our customers and society. The mission of our products is to contribute to the development of the world as we know it: this is the challenge that allows us to open up to the world with awareness and responsibility. Thanks to the international joint venture between FIAMM Energy Technology and Hitachi Chemical, we are able to meet and anticipate the energy needs of the market, all over the world.

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